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About Borama Bookfair


The Borama Book Fair is one of the largest education and cultural event in Somaliland aimed to collectively integrate professionals of publishing, cultural icons, politicians, youth, education institutions and public libraries from all Somali regions. 

Borama Book Fair embodies the landscape of the book sector in different community initiatives, youth engagement, and reunites book publishers (both trade, scholar/academic/professional publishers, importers) and booksellers (independent stores, book chain members and online booksellers).

Borama Annual Book Fair will make the book the star attraction and remind us that books and education are fundamental to our culture of this city and community. It will be a place for readers to connect in the most immediate ways with those who write and those who produce the books they love, and a place where they can network with the passion and enchantment of the world of reading and is recognized and respected as “a community of readers and writers.”

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To promote the value of culture of creativity, reading and writing as a movement for change and finding durable solutions to pressing social issues through written words.

General Principles

The endeavours of Borama Book Fair revolve around the following principles: