Climate change adaptation and response

Hikma foundation is human centric organization, which has been over the years involved in humanitarian activities particularly in the areas affected by droughts and climate change related disasters. In line with the Somaliland National Development Plans, a renewed attention is required to develop the whole society’s resilience capacity on preparedness for disaster response and recovery. Hikma foundation established a dedicate department in respond to the immediate need for collective national efforts to tackle impacts of climate change on agropastoral community.  This department

Hikma foundation streamlines both women and children into its efforts and deliberations and will continue to support other vulnerable people affected by climate change related disasters. Climate change and environmental degradation are the current twisted natural disasters that risk particularly the vulnerable and agropastoral communities in Somaliland. Hikma Foundation has been one of the first organizations that are at frontline to offer recovery and response interventions to the affected areas.

Ceel Project 2

In order respond to the consequences of the frequent natural disasters that consecutively occurred in many places of Somaliland, Hikma foundation coined a dedicated department for this purpose. We believe that Disaster Mitigation and Response are the cornerstone of emergency management. This is the foundation’s ongoing effort to lessen the impact disasters have on people and property.

Hikma foundation has demonstrated a very good experience in preparedness, disaster risk reduction, response, recovery, and resilience programming with a focusing on food distribute, water well constructions and etc.

Hikma Foundation works with the following key ministries: